High importance will be given to data protection

The European Central Bank has given its approval for a digital euro and will move ahead with the matter as quickly as possible.

One of the key focus points for the bank will be protecting people’s data, according to Fabio Panetta of the bank’s executive board.

“The record level of…

Despite the fuss that was created by the GameStop stock rally, there could likely be further gains in the coming months

GameStop stock dominated the headlines in early-2021 with the price opening the year at $19.00 and soaring to a high of $483 in late-January. The gaming retailer saw a…

I warned clients recently that a Bitcoin top may be close. The coin has seen a meteoric rise since the mid-2020 lows and I was predicting gains at $8–9k. The coin has now almost doubled my initial target and the signs are we may see a near-term top.

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